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 Day Z

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Clan Admin
Clan Admin

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PostSubject: Day Z   Day Z Icon_minitimeSun Apr 14, 2013 9:21 pm

Ok bros i bouth game and get addicted.....alot...

As u know that Arma 2 now 3 is most sophisticated Army simulator besides those in Pentagon...as i see it...

Noo running and gunning is not option here..this is for BF COD and rest.....of fast pased shooters .

But day Z....omg world is not the same after this Mod 1,3 million people play atm...

In end of year coming Day Z Standalone it will cost about 15 $

Day Z Video%20games%20landscapes%20quotes%20dayz%20wallbase%20competition%201%201920x1080%20wallpaper_www.wallpaperswa.com_69

What is story...world is destroyed in Zombi apocalypse..all cities are deserted...they are full of Zombies...which are Very annoying......but real danger do not coming from Zombies real Danger coming from other players.....

at the beginning all are survivers but to gain lot,ammunition medicament,bandages,roast meat hunt for food and many many other things u must search for them in deserted buildings factories..etc.....u must Survive...but sometimes to survive is easy er if you kill somebody and take his Loot from his dead bodie....this guys are called Bandits...

Bdw u have Water,Hunger and Blood as well and Ammo indicators if you do not eat u die do not drink pure water u die,u bleeding u die in 2 min...drink polluted water ,eat poisoned food u get seek must take Antibiotics..if u have them..if do not you will ie...but before die u must listen ur coffing which is worst then daying:)

Game is played in Real time environment 24 - 0 Day and Nigth on Map which have 250 square Km......u can be killed buy Zombies,bandits,Bandit Gangs..they can kidnapped you..thy can brake ur legs and leave u to die....they can take prisoners....everybody try to survive

when u find a car u can not Drive it till u fixing it you must repair them but u need toolkit,tiers engine and so...nothing is easy this is Real time simulation drink unpure unboiled WATER (yes u can boil water in game lite fire with matches but need matches and wood hahah)
u will become sick:)

Day Z DayZ_Forest_Trail_by_Guyver1

All this fancy weapons on Video is hard to get need a lot of expiriance and tactical play...

U can store tents and come for them tomorrow after u log one..if somebody find it is gone

U SPAM only with 2 bandages some medicine one hand bag one morfium for fixing fractures and that is it....

This is Videos from Frenkie he kills bandits and helping Survivors good guy:)

This bad - good interaction is best thing in Day Z

If there were no bandits, DayZ would not be near as interesting. The whole Bandit, Hero, who to trust, who not to trust is what makes this game a fantastic game.

If you are good in surviving u get hero skin if u are bad guy you are Bandit...no skin hehe:)

Most of clan's fsp i know have already thir Surviver hives i hope some of you will join me bros when standalone come out....

Yesterday i meet 2 guys they start to shoot first on me i kill them with my Lee Enfild rifle but then suddenly third guy i didnot see killed be....they was Bandits....if i had one bro with me i will survived:)

So bros if some of you Have Arma 2 and Operation Arrowhead can join me in Mu surviving travels,now:)

Day Z Dayz2jpg-43f2bc

Day Z Pc_%3CMefisto%3E
Don’t let your victories go to your head, or your failures go to your heart.
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Clan Admin
Clan Admin

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PostSubject: Re: Day Z   Day Z Icon_minitimeMon Apr 15, 2013 2:03 pm

next time I'll see some friends, I'll ask for it, maybe i can find u some mate
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Day Z
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